We Used to Sell Eggs

Crowing Hen Farm is now closed and will not be reopening in Southern Oregon.

Barred rock rooster... looking fierce


It is with ongoing mixed emotions I announce the land Crowing Hen Farm occupied in its brief existence has been sold, the deal closed, our lives are almost entirely boxed, the chickens re-homed, nearly everything I own of value to other farmers has been sold, and the final countdown to a Jan. 31st departure is […]

mob of indian runner ducks

Sold the Runner Ducks

It’s with seriously mixed emotions I announce that I’ve sold the Runner Ducks. They just weren’t a good fit with how my place is set up and I hope they will be happier in their new home. I’ll miss the pretty penciled runner above, third from the right, we called Smedley. He was dumb as a fence […]