Barley Fodder for Chickens and Ducks

five days of sprouting barley seed

My wife found this video a while back. I’ve just now finished a #50 sack of whole barley using his system of sprouting barley fodder for chickens and ducks. I’ve not keep detailed records so I can’t provide hard data, but I can report that I’ve easily turned 50 pounds of barley into 200 or so pounds of fodder for my chickens and ducks.

I can also report this added fodder hasn’t materially decreased my feed cost. My chickens and ducks eat like pigs. Despite adding a couple pounds of fresh fodder every morning they still go through several pounds of dry feed per day. Annette pointed out the other day “that maran hen is getting fat.”

I plan to keep this up as long as the weather permits. Hopefully this winter will be a little less harsh, i.e. more like a normal Southern Oregon winter, and i’ll be able to sprout all winter long.