Sold the Runner Ducks

mob of indian runner ducks

It’s with seriously mixed emotions I announce that I’ve sold the Runner Ducks. They just weren’t a good fit with how my place is set up and I hope they will be happier in their new home.

I’ll miss the pretty penciled runner above, third from the right, we called Smedley. He was dumb as a fence post, but very pretty. When the mob went back through the fence to visit the water trough Smedley could reliably be found running back and forth along the fence line trying to unravel the vexing problem of how to do what every other duck figured out. I’d slowly walk toward him and usher him to the cut out in the fence… and he’d promptly get stuck trying to go through the fence left of right of the cut out.

So, the Runners are sold and the Rouens have dried up for winter. No more duck eggs at Crowing Hen.