Farm is sold and the light is moody

It is with ongoing mixed emotions I announce the land Crowing Hen Farm occupied in its brief existence has been sold, the deal closed, our lives are almost entirely boxed, the chickens re-homed, nearly everything I own of value to other farmers has been sold, and the final countdown to a Jan. 31st departure is well underway. Buh bye Southern Oregon.

The departure is best explained by Aaron Sorkin in The West Wing when Tom Skerritt, playing a Democratic Senator from Idaho(!) abruptly leaves the party putting Josh Lyman in a bad situation (which sadly isn’t dealt with later on). “Josh, I’m not leaving the party because of you. But you did make it a whole lot easier.” Southern Oregon, like Idaho, is a spectacularly beautiful place that we don’t want to leave. But the fact is nothing worked here. Nothing took.

In other news it would seem Modern Farmer, at least the magazine, is closing its doors. The website is still operating and appears to have new staff and the look has changed. I’m assuming the editorial focus will shift as well. Side note: The company hosting their WordPress instance has the worst name yet.

The story about Modern Farmer’s demise in The Times is snarky, but the comments are largely bang-on and priceless. I’ve never read the magazine, but the website felt like Wired with pictures of livestock. It was all about the fashion of farming. How “lumber-sexual” beat “farmer-sexual” to the hipster lexicon will always be a mystery to me.

Farm is sold and our Barred Rock roo is displeasedBut no matter, our farm is sold, we won’t be back. Crowing Hen Farm LLC will continue to exist on paper for at least another year (assuming I remember to send my hundred bucks to Salem), and may indeed come back to life at some point in the future depending on a myriad number of variables.