About Us

Yep, we’re yet another couple who have decided to dive into the world of small-scale farming. And, as of December 2014, we’re calling it quits.

the original three

Three of our very first flock. The Barred Rock on the right is Reggie, the crowing hen from where we got our name.

We bought 24 very nice, very dry acres in Sams Valley outside of Gold Hill, Oregon with a not quite so nice double wide to live in. We’ve been here coming up on two years now and it has been an incredible roller coaster of learning experiences.

However, after two years, reality has set in and we’re closing down this experiment. We accomplished one thing we intended: we are leaving this place way, way better than we found it. We also learned, first hand, what farming, even nano-scale farming, is all about. Farming, like everything else, is about money.

Actually real farming is all about yield, but that’s just a way of expressing money. Yield is converted to money at some point in the process. If you’re going to make money you’re going to need to maximize yield, minimize loss, and bring your product to market at the right time to score the best price. If you do ongoing sales you’re going to need to manage inventory precisely, all the time, to ensure you meet all contracts all the time. It never stops, there is no break.

So this iteration of Crowing Hen Farm is coming to a close. But like Apollo 13 I consider it a successful failure in that we improved the land, enjoyed a few joyous moments, learned an incredible amount and are, as of this writing, poised to get out with only minimal financial losses. There may be Crowing Hen Farm 2.0 at some point down the road that will benefit from this experiment, only time and money will tell.