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Barred rock rooster... looking fierce


It is with ongoing mixed emotions I announce the land Crowing Hen Farm occupied in its brief existence has been sold, the deal closed, our lives are almost entirely boxed, the chickens re-homed, nearly everything I own of value to other farmers has been sold, and the final countdown to a Jan. 31st departure is […]

A handsome barred rock roo

Farm to Market

It’s official, the land and homestead occupied by Crowing Hen Farm is for sale. (more…)

mob of indian runner ducks

Sold the Runner Ducks

It’s with seriously mixed emotions I announce that I’ve sold the Runner Ducks. They just weren’t a good fit with how my place is set up and I hope they will be happier in their new home. I’ll miss the pretty penciled runner above, third from the right, we called Smedley. He was dumb as a fence […]

five days of sprouting barley seed

Barley Fodder for Chickens and Ducks

My wife found this video a while back. I’ve just now finished a #50 sack of whole barley using his system of sprouting barley fodder for chickens and ducks. I’ve not keep detailed records so I can’t provide hard data, but I can report that I’ve easily turned 50 pounds of barley into 200 or so pounds […]

mob of runner ducks

Runner Duck Eggs for Sale

My runners have finally started laying. Late in the season, true, but i’ve got a bumper crop of runner duck eggs for sale on a day-t0-day basis. These are young ducks so their eggs are comparatively small, sort of like extra large chicken eggs, but what they lack in size they make up for in […]


3 Weeks Old Today

Our very own Rouen duckling! Imagine my surprise when, three weeks ago, I was discarding what I figured were dud eggs one of barred rock hens had decided to set on and discovered a bill poking out! She’s completely imprinted on me… follows me everywhere. I’m amazed she’s made it this long without getting stepped […]

Annette holding a duck's egg

Back in Business!

Well, the long dry spell for my girls has come to a big close. My small flock is going nuts and laying like crazy. I’ll have ordering via this website working soon, but if you’d like a great selection of both chicken and duck eggs feel free to call and place your order. Calling in […]

Chicks Arriving this Week

Just got word my first order of new laying birds should be arriving Feb. 12. The brooder is ready, the chick starter feed is standing by, and we’re both looking forward to a whole slew of new mouths to feed and much larger egg orders to fill later this season. An order of ducks will […]

One of my buff orpingtons is dismayed at the snow on either side of the wooden rail

Sold Out!

It’s been one crazy month, but the winter is really upon us now and my girls have all but stopped laying. Seems the pea soup fog has cut the daylight to a point where they’re convinced it’s better just puff up the feathers and hunker down. I’m keeping them on the high protein layer ration […]


Just Getting Started

Isn’t that what nearly all WordPress sites seem to say these days? “We’re just getting started, but check back!” In this case, though, it’s the truth. We’re just now tooling up with a small flock of chickens and an even smaller mob of ducks. But our girls are seem to be incredibly happy because everybody […]